Friday, March 17, 2017

History Day Reflection

     My partner for history day was Mallory we did an exhibit, and our project was, Standing Up Against Hitler: The Few, The Brave. My favorite part of our project was making the board, it was fun to design what it was going to look like, and then see how it turned out in real life. The two most interesting things I learned about were the things that lead to their deaths, and what made them want to do what they did. This was interesting to learn about because they all had a different story and you could see that they didn't just treat Jew's bad they treated anyone that got in their way bad.
     The most difficult part of this project was writing about the people, because you had in your mind everything you wanted to write but you couldn't write it the way you wanted because of the word count. It was also difficult because we had to include quotes and you would have to find a good spot for a quote and try to find a way to make it flow. I improved as a learner, I learned that even if you think something is "good enough" it never is and there is always a way to improve it. I learned this due to when I was working on the board I would be like that's "good enough" it's fine, but then my parents would suggest something, or mallory would and because I kept working on it and adding stuff it made the board 10x better. Between now and history day I would like to improve the papers about my people, I feel like I could add more quotes and information to them and make them better than they are.
     I am most proud of our board, because we kept working on it and if there was something that was just ok we found a way to improve it. Our project related to the theme because the people we researched stood up to someone so powerful and that could do anything to them. They also found their own unique way to make the situation better and take a stand in history.

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