Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Independent Project Reflection

My topic for my Independent Project was Veterinarians and veterinary specialists, I talked about what they do, schooling, and how much money they make. I presented on Prezi. What I liked the most about this project was that I got to learn more about this topic because I want to be a Vet so it was interesting to see the different jobs you could go into and see what I was most interested in. I would say the hardest part of this project was finding good sources that were also reliable, this was difficult because there are a lot of sources about vets, but they either just repeat what I had already learned or they just weren't reliable. I improved as a learner because I learned more about this topic and things I didn't know came with being a vet.  I also have always wanted to be a vet thats always been one of my goals and I learned during this project that I would really like to be a vet. If I could do this project all over again I would definitely  include more pictures the slides were kind of boring, but I would also try to include more stuff about vets because I feel like I focused more on Vet specialists, but in order to be a Vet Specialist you also need the schooling and education of a general Vet practitioner, so with all that said I should've talked more about general Vet practitioners.This was a great project choice because I learned a lot from in that could benefit me in the future.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

One Word

       This year in goal, our teacher tried out a new project called one word, our job for this project was to come up with one word that you over all want to achieve this year.  My one word for this year is Positivity. This word immediately came to mind when this project was brought up. I thought of this because I am a pretty negative person and struggle with positivity, right when I am presented with something all of the bad things about it start going through my head instead of the good things about it. In 2018 I really want to work on this and become a more positive person.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

To Kill a Mockingbird Blog Post

The Movie to Kill a Mockingbird does not even come close to comparing to the book. I mean there are similarities and differences. Such as the book and movie both have the same storylines and the movie has the most important parts of it but it also left out some of the best parts. It left out one of the mockingbird references, the line "One down, two to go." and much more that may not be important to some people but the movie kind of felt incomplete because of some of the lines weren't in there. At least for me, the movie did not at all compare to my expectations it was still good but I just don't think it's possible to make a movie that would affect someone the same way the book did. If I could change the movie, the main thing I would change would be, adding in more of the important lines/people that a lot of people remember, such as including the other mockingbird line, including Aunt Alexandra etc. Everything in the movie was kind of how I imagined it in the book, minus the way the characters looked. Everyone looked completely different than I imagined.

Friday, October 20, 2017

DWA Publishing 1st Quarter

People should never be...
            People should never be mean. Let's face it no one is perfect, and no one has ever been nice 24/7. We are all guilty of being mean sometimes, including me. The main thing I really can't stand though is when people are mean all the time, for no reason what so ever. I mean you could just be sitting there minding your business when Becky comes up to you and calls you ugly or something. Those are the kind of people this DWA is turned towards because I honestly can't stand people like Becky. It's human nature to be mean sometimes I mean we can't really help it. People like Becky though need to learn how to be nicer people, Ok Becky?

Would you rather have a job you hate that pays a lot or a job you love that could only get you by?
           I would have both, at first I would get a job that I hate and paid a lot. I would do this first because then I could buy a house and all necessities and then after about 5-10 years of this awful job, I would switch to a job I enjoy and doesn't pay a lot. I would do this because then I would have money and only have to suffer for 5-10 years and also have a job that I love.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Words of Wisdom

The thing I took away from this project is how different everyone is. I didn't really think about it when we were writing down the quotes, but now that I go back and reflect on it I realize it. The reason there is such a variety of quotes is because everyone experiences and goes through different things in life. I really enjoyed this project because I got to see everyone's view on life.

Friday, March 17, 2017

History Day Reflection

     My partner for history day was Mallory we did an exhibit, and our project was, Standing Up Against Hitler: The Few, The Brave. My favorite part of our project was making the board, it was fun to design what it was going to look like, and then see how it turned out in real life. The two most interesting things I learned about were the things that lead to their deaths, and what made them want to do what they did. This was interesting to learn about because they all had a different story and you could see that they didn't just treat Jew's bad they treated anyone that got in their way bad.
     The most difficult part of this project was writing about the people, because you had in your mind everything you wanted to write but you couldn't write it the way you wanted because of the word count. It was also difficult because we had to include quotes and you would have to find a good spot for a quote and try to find a way to make it flow. I improved as a learner, I learned that even if you think something is "good enough" it never is and there is always a way to improve it. I learned this due to when I was working on the board I would be like that's "good enough" it's fine, but then my parents would suggest something, or mallory would and because I kept working on it and adding stuff it made the board 10x better. Between now and history day I would like to improve the papers about my people, I feel like I could add more quotes and information to them and make them better than they are.
     I am most proud of our board, because we kept working on it and if there was something that was just ok we found a way to improve it. Our project related to the theme because the people we researched stood up to someone so powerful and that could do anything to them. They also found their own unique way to make the situation better and take a stand in history.